Stream FSX and Prepar3D v1 (DX9) displays & gauges to a network client


FSDisplays v1 (formerly FSXSpy) is a tool to stream undocked displays from MS flight simulator X - also steam edition - to networked pcs. It works with nearly every addon aircraft and brings a lot of options to handel the streamed displays or gauges. With purchasing FSDisplays v1 there is no more need to get an expensive display solution for your home cockpit.


So lets introduce FSDisplays (formerly FSXSpy) to you.


First there is the main application that has to run on your FS main pc and needs a valid license - FSXSpyConsole:


FSXSpyconsole main app


After FSXSpyConsole has connected to your flight simulator load your flight. As you see there are also options for a webserver stream,and sending mouse clicks.

Undock your displays that you like to stream. They will appear in FSXSpyConsole immediatly.




Resize all undocked displays for your needs in FSX and unckeck the "Visible" box to hide the displays in FSX.main window




Now it is time to start FSXSpyChannelguide on your networed pc or pcs. Just enter the hostname and it will connect to your FSX main pc.




This windows are black because we use a black theme on the networked pcs in the cockpit MIP. All the streamed displays are listed in the upper window. Just click on a display row in the upper window and FSXSpy viewer will open up an show the choosen display. In the lower window are the last positions listed. FSXChannelguide will save the last position of your displays in FSXSpyViewer.


Now you will see your Display in FSXSpyViewer.




Right click on the displays and a menu will come up with a lot of options.




There you can hide the window frame, adjust frame rates, crop gauges out of an 2d panel and a lot of more options. It will look like this.




Weather radar can also be displayed.



And like this you can also display FO displays and upper and lower EICAS.and so on ...


As FSXSpy comes with a send mouse clicks option You can display your left and right CDU and use it with your mouse or on a touch screen monitor. All presses / clicks will be send to FSX and will operate the CDUs.


So why are spending a lot of money for expensive cockpit software ? Get FSXSpy v1 for just USD$ 39,99. The purchase is handeled by Flight1 wrapper. You can use Paypal or credit card options.


Download FSXSpy v1 here.

 Find the manual to take a first look here.

FSXSpy will be FSDisplays by the release of version v2. Version 2 will bring DX10 & DX11 support and works on windows 8 and 10.
All existing users will get a discount on the update so nobody will pay more for v2.


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